Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Elisabeth Hasselbeck takes on Bill Maher

Did anyone see The View today?  Elisabeth Hasselbeck had a very disturbing confrontation with Bill Maher. Personally, I really think she crossed the line and it was a bit embarrassing to me (even though I don't really like her) I think I felt most uncomfortable for Bill, because it looked like he was being attacked out of the blue and he was really trying hard not to put her in her place (since it's her show).

Today Lizzie didn't show up at The View. She called in sick.  Maybe she realized how ridiculous she looked yesterday having her little hissy fit in front of millions of people.

But, I think there's still hope for her. She should go on Bill's show. I would love to see her in that setting. She is so outspoken on The View. They could continue the debate there. And, Let's see how well she fairs when she is up against some really politically astute people who can speak about more than "100 ways to make a good cheese sandwich".

It would be great. Somebody suggest it!

Here's the video
"uh..and Elisabeth - you might not want to watch this"

I'm Just Sayin!
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